Upper Crust Bread Presents:

Superb Owl Sunday

Don't wing it on the day of the big game. Owl help you out!

Hoos ready for the big game? A Sunday with your pals, cutting it up owl day, watching them sports, and snacking on fun foods. Even if you don't give a hoot about the Super Bowl, this day is a fun day to indulge a little because a great spread is just as important as anything else on this day and I'm talon you, Upper Crust Bread is here to help. These puns are getting a little old, so owl see myself out before someone gives me the bird.

Pre-orders open on Sunday 05, February and close Thursday at 10p on 09, February

Super Bowl Specials 23.pdf

Past Events

Upper Crust Bread Presents:

Thanksgiving Breads and Pies

Let Upper Crust Bread lend you hand!

Food holidays can be tough. As the de facto cook and baker of my family, I should know. Some folks thrive in that chaos, but many folks openly welcome a helping hand and Upper Crust Bread is happy to take a bit off your plate, figuratively speaking, of course. Baking is always the most daunting part of preparing a big meal, so whether its rolls, good bread for good stuffing or dressing, a snack, or a pie, Upper Crust Bread is here to help!

Pre-orders open on Tuesday 01, November and close Saturday at 9p on 19, November

TGiving Preorder.pdf

Upper Crust Bread Presents:

Sunday Sandwiches on February 27th

Another round of vegetarian sandwiches!

Did you miss the first sandwich pop-up? Well, don't miss your chance on this slightly impromptu return of the vegetarian sandwiches

This pop-up is planned to be a slightly smaller event, operating in the same way as the typical pickup protocol, but offered a little later in the day and featuring some more hearty items in the spirit of dinner fare. This, being a smaller scale event, means that things may sell out fast. Don't wait until the last day to place your pre-order!

Pre-orders open on Tuesday at 12p on 22, February and close on Thursday at 10p on 24, February

Sunday Sandwich.pdf

Upper Crust Bread Pop-up At Ursa Minor on November 15th

Everyone deserves a great sandwich!

What if a vegetarian sandwich option was more than just the toppings from all the other sandwiches on the menu? What if it were possible to find a meatless sandwich that looks and tastes just as satisfying as its meaty inverse? What if there were something beyond faux meats and traditional ingredients destined to rest between two slices of bread?

This is all possible and Upper Crust is here to prove it! Don't miss out on this great event, offering a selection of inspired vegetarian sandwiches on Upper Crust breads that will make even the heroiest of hero sandwiches blush. And don't fret, those of you with vegan diets. There are some things for you as well!