Upper Crust Bread

by jeffrey moll jr.

Baking Bread For You To Break


Made with high quality flours

Upper Crust Bread is always made with excellent flours. While high protein all-purpose and bread flour from King Arthur is the foundation for many of the breads and other baked goods offered, I enjoy using flours and grains from Bob's Red Mill, Anson Mills, and local favorites, like Janie's Mill

Naturally leavened 

All loaves are naturally leavened by a well-maintained starter that has been in great standing health for well over three years. The lactobacilli cause an enzymatic and microbial conversion of flour components that our bodies simply cannot. This creates a more nutritious and easier to digest bread and *sometimes* those with mild gluten intolerances can safely consume.

(be sure to always consult a doctor or dietician when making any questionable dietary choices or changes)

Bread accessories

Bread is just part of the big picture. I also offer a range of lacto-fermented accouterments like the flagship two-month sauerkraut in limited  quantities and availability, subject to season and time constraints.