Menu & Offerings

The Mainstays

Country Loaf (Pain de Campagne)

85% Bread Flour, 15% Spelt


Turkey Wheat

50% Turkey Red Wheat Flour, 40% Bread Flour, 10% Spelt


Focaccia (9x13)

Country Loaf Dough, Castelvetrano Olive Oil

$10.00 - 13.00

Classic: Queen, Kalamata, & Castelvetrano Olives, Red Onion, Herbes de Provence, EVOO $10.00

Filetti: Fresh Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil, Garlic Oil, Flakey Salt $11.50

Gochugaru: Korean Chili Flake, Scallion, Fresh Garlic, B&W Sesame, Gochugaru-Garlic Oil, $13.00

Wild Mushroom Focaccia (9x13)

Country Loaf Dough, Castelvetrano Olive Oil, Seasonal Wild Mushrooms


During various mushroom seasons, check the store for specials featuring wild, foraged mushrooms paired with complimentary ingredients on the focaccia bread that you already know and love

Specialty Flour Breads

Sesame Semolina

65% Semolina Flour, 30% Bread Flour, 5% Spelt, Black & White Sesame


Rye with Caraway

30% Dark Rye Flour, 65% Bread Flour, 5% Spelt, Caraway



10% Buckwheat Flour, 85% Bread Flour, 5% Spelt


Rugbrød (4x9)

70% Dark Rye Flour, 30% Spelt, Stout Beer, Pumpkin Seed, Sunflower Seed, Flaxseed

$6.50 (half loaf)

$11.00 (whole loaf) (1200g / aprox 2.6lbs, pre-baked)

Enriched & Brioche Style Breads

Japanese-Style Milk Bread (4x9)

Bread Flour, Pasta Madre, Tangzhong, Whole Milk


Brioche Buns (6) *coming soon*

Bread Flour, Turkey Red Wheat Flour, Euro-Butter, Whole Milk, White Sesame, Poppy Seed

$9.00 (150g / aprox 5oz each, pre-baked)

Off the Beaten Path

Turmeric & Poppy Seed

85% Bread Flour, 15% Spelt, 2% Turmeric, Poppy Seed


Paprika & Rosemary

75% Bread Flour, 15% Spelt, 10% Buckwheat Flour, 2% Spanish Paprika, Toasted Rosemary


Ube (Purple Yam)

85% Bread Flour, 15% Spelt, 25% Roasted Ube, .5% Ube Extract


Walnut & Black Sesame

75% Bread Flour, 15% Spelt, 10% Turkey Red Wheat Flour, Roasted Walnut, Black Sesame


Polenta Porridge with Chive & Confit Garlic

85% Bread Flour, 15% Spelt, 37.5% Polenta, Chive, Confit Garlic



Baker's Banana Bread

All-Purpose Flour, Spelt, Sourdough Discard, Overripe & Fresh Banana, Raw Honey, Rolled Oats, Roasted Walnut, Pumpkin Seed, Flaxseed

*seeds and nuts only on top, can be made nut & seed-free by request*

$5.00 (3x6) (350g / aprox 12oz, pre-baked)

$17.00 (4x9) (1100g / aprox 2.4lbs, pre-baked)

Chocolate Chunk, Cinnamon, Raisin Bread Loaf

90% Bread Flour, 10% Spelt, 5% Dutch Process Cocoa, 2% Ceylon Cinnamon, Callebaut Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk, Raisins, Sultanas

*contains no added sugars*


Rye Chocolate Chunk & Black Sesame Cookies (6)

All-Purpose Flour, Dark Rye Flour, Sourdough Discard, Callebaut Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk, Black Sesame


(90g / aprox 3oz each, pre-baked)

Bread Accessories

All fermented foods are sold as unpasteurized products. While consuming a fermented food with an active lactobacillus culture can promote good gut health, those with sensitive gastrointestinal tracts, may experience some degree of gastric distress. Please be sure to consult a doctor or dietician before making any questionable dietary decisions.

Lacto-Fermented Two-Month Sauerkraut (225g / aprox 8oz)

Green Cabbage, White Onion, Caraway, Lactobacillus Culture Brine


(* includes $1 jar deposit)

Lacto-Fermented Spicy Giardiniera (225g / aprox 8oz)

Carrot, Cauliflower, Celery, English Cucumber, Red Pepper, Yellow Pepper, Jalapeño Pepper, Spanish Onion, Garlic, Thai Dragon Chili Oil, Lactobacillus Culture Brine


(* includes $1 jar deposit)

Lacto-Fermented Diced, Red Beets with Kvass (225g / aprox 8oz)

Red Beets, Lactobacillus Culture Brine


(* includes $1 jar deposit)

Compound Butter (100g / aprox 3.5oz)

Lightly Kosher Salted. Choose Confit Garlic or Dried Thyme